It’s Always Sunny Somewhere

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I have a short-and-sweet tale of encouragement for you this week…

The other day a friend of mine was telling me about his passion for planes and flying. He learned how to fly at 15 and was piloting by the time he was 17 years old.

The sheer joy on his face as he answered my dozen curiosities, reminded me of a cross-country trip I took in a small airplane years ago.

What I remember most is how close the sky felt.

When traveling by commercial airliner, I rarely look out the window except at take-off and landing. But in a small plane it’s a constant display of cloud forms and weather patterns.

I especially recall the moment that we propelled through an angry looking raincloud upwards into brilliant sunshine and a clear blue sky.

Even though, I must have known that it’s always sunny above the clouds during the day, I found it astonishing to look down on the stormy charcoal blanket below, as sunshine streamed in the window.

Sometimes, when life sends difficulties, it can seem that hardship is all there is. You can get bogged down in a stormy experience and completely forget that just beyond, the sun IS shining. More than a feel-good metaphor, this is a fact.

Sometimes, you may need help to get through it, or tell the truth about your difficulties to free you enough to float above it… but, wherever you’re at, do your best to remember whom you are, where you come from, and that the sun WILL warm your face again.

And for goodness sake, don’t go it alone!

I am here, and I am most definitely in your corner…

With love,

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