Is Sugar Addiction Taking You For A Ride?


Wow, it’s already the first week of June! Can you remember what your New Year’s resolution was? How is it going?

No shame here… I’m just wondering what changes you are making? Wanting to make?

Something I recently changed up a bit was my sugar consumption.

Have you heard about the study where they did studies with mice and found that they routinely developed an addiction to sugar over cocaine.

I knew something needed to change for me when I noted that I never craved sugar, but then realized that was because I was snacking on the sweet demon – in one form or another — All. Day. Long.

Perhaps you can relate…? a handful of peanut M&Ms, a few gingersnaps, sugarless gum, a frozen yogurt. All taking my metabolism, endocrine system and energy for a rollercoaster ride throughout the day.

Sugar begets MORE sugar. Even artificial sweetneners tricks the brain into wanting sweets.

So, when I heard about a 10 day sugar-free challenge – giving up all added sugars; agave, honey, granulated sugar, corn syrup, even sugar free products – I was intrigued.

Years ago I gave up ALL sugar (even fruit) for two weeks and not only felt amazing afterwards, but completely lost my cravings for sweets. I indulged again and overtime became dependent again.

This time, I ate fruit in moderation and eliminated everything else. On Day Two I had an intense migraine that lasted into Day 3. Ugh! This was followed by a dull headache into day five. However, after that, I must say that my no added sugar choice compounded into healthier choices all around.

I wasn’t planning to, but I ate salad everyday, which I never do regularly when I’m snacking on sweets. Since I don’t have a weight issue, I thought I could get away with all the sugary snacks… and, from the perspective of body weight I can.

However, now that I’ve detoxed out of habitual sugar use, I can see that I wasn’t actually getting away with anything.

Inconsistent energy, a bit of bloat, random blemish breakouts, and a constant need to re-satisfy with a not so healthy snack kept me a slave to so-so health and happiness.

As I ease some sweetener back into my daily life I will be much more aware to make the choice to buy and consume products with no or low sugars. I will also experiment with having “sweets and desserts” on one day a week, instead of sprinkled throughout the day everyday.

Have you been wanting to break your sugar addiction? Is there something else that has you under its thumb? What is it that feels uncomfortable to you that you want to change “someday?” I challenge you to… Change. It Now.

Now is what you have. What you do now dictates what happens next. And now, is where your joy exists.

Whatever your challenges or change, I am most definitely in your corner and I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in any way I am able.

With love,

p.s. If you’re interested in finding out more about the causes of a high sugar diet, as well as the impact it can have on you, your children and community, there is a wonderful documentary that recently came out called Fed Up. Here is link to their website. For further tips, tricks and information about getting healthier around sugar consumption, CLICK HERE.

photo credit: kaibara87 via photopin cc

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