Is Putting Your Customers First Still A Good Idea?

Should Customers Still Come First?


I hope you all enjoyed Labor Day?

Having a day to acknowledge the American workforce is especially important to me, especially since I founded Lucky Duck Living.  To that end, I recently read the book “Small Giants” by Bo Burlingame. It’s not about buying American, but rather a snapshot of U.S. business owners who have chosen – in various ways — being “great” over being “big.”

My take-aways were many, but, the main one that resonated with me was “employees first.”

Implying, the idea of “customers first” is an old one.

The employees-first idea creates a culture that encourages and grows an environment of community and caring that naturally spills over to extraordinary customer care and concern. So far, so good.

But, what if you’re a solopreneur like I  am? How does that factor into the scenario?

Chances are fairly good, that there are people who help you get where you’re going; designers, manufacturers, suppliers, printers, internet support, finance, coaches, consultants, shippers…you get the picture.

It reminded me that one of the biggest gifts that has come from the past year and a half of developing Lucky Duck Living, is the coming together of my AMAZING team.

It began with my illustrator, then fulfillment and printing, then (after two failed attempts) the discovery of a stellar manufacturer, banker, accountant, followed by a super helpful merchant processor.

All the while, I have stayed involved with superb online support communities on Facebook that have helped with many entrepreneurial issues, as well as group coaching and an individual consultant.

Over the course of these relationships there have been delays and misunderstandings, yet all the while a mutual respect and sense of partnership that makes every exchange a victory. And, in turn, I am fortified, not drained.

If asked, would your team say that you are appreciative of them? Do you communicate clearly with them about; deadlines, expectations, challenges, etc…? Do you regularly inquire after their welfare? Are they treated like a partner or a servant? Do you think of your communications with them as “being in this together?”

There is no doubt that your biz, is your “baby.” However I encourage you to branch out and acknowledge those who are helping you along the way.

If you have tried and find that you cannot be appreciate of the job they are doing, nor could imagine any sort of partner dynamic with them, you may want to investigate making a change. Maybe they don’t fit with your mission of how you want to do business.

If you are resistant to change, yet know they are not the right fit, you may want to take a look at your need for drama, or for things to be difficult. It’s as much an addiction as any other. Ah...but, that’s for another day!

For now, consider how much your world would expand to build up the spirit of those around you. Not only will they soar, but, you’ll go it together, have more joy in the process…and at the end of the day have super happy customers.

I am so curious to hear about all the great support you have in your life and biz. If they’ve gone unnoticed, give them some props here. If they are already feelin’ the love…give them even more goodness in the comments below.

As always, I’m in your corner…


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