Is Perfectionism Creative Kryptonite?

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Have you lost your way?


Many of us have heard the phrase “surrender to win.” And, while this seems powerful in theory, it can go against our survival instincts; particularly, for the entrepreneur.

Yet, surrendering, by definition, means to “join the winning side.”

While it may seem troubling to make a significant change after being committed to a specific path; there is a supernatural momentum that can occur once we cease fighting to have things unfold exactly the way we want.

As I work diligently on the launch of Lucky Duck Living, I have met numerous start-up obstacles. In the past, it was my tendency to be certain about what I want, and press for nothing less.  This perfectionism could be seen as an asset in some ways, but creatively it can become kryptonite!

Gratefully, I have been given the opportunity to practice doing it differently. As challenges have arisen with the illustrator, manufacturer, fulfillment house, etc…  Rather than automatically push for it exactly the way I have my mind set, my default has become to ask my vendors for their opinions, their ideas, their expertise, experience and solutions.

And, while I reserve the right to veto, the net result is a premium product…and, perhaps an even better outcome than what I had initially envisioned.

The best part? …I am in awe of the community of support and insight that has grown up around me.  As a result, I’m enjoying myself more than any past project.  Plus, I have the certainty that my vendors feel both encouraged and appreciated by me.

It has taken a long time for me to learn the value of my fellows…especially in business. And, while I will always be learning, it is an amazing victory to know that in the process of giving up on demanding every detail, I have gained a team of people who will happily go the extra mile to see me and Lucky Duck Living soar.  And, of course...then we all win!

Are you maximizing the expertise that surrounds you?...Or, are you a know it all? Where might you practice a softer more welcoming approach?  Give it a go, and let me know what you find!

I’m in your corner…


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