Is “Letting Go” Mission Impossible?


Let go or get dragged, bay-bee!


The past eighteen months have been perhaps the most challenging of my life. Early on, I believed the difficulties I was having had everything to do with outside circumstance, which — until then I hadn’t realized — dictated my happiness…or, lack there of.

My situation; personally, professionally and financially appeared so incredibly bleak, I had the sensation that I simply wasn’t going to make it.

My intellect and common sense had always allowed me to pull myself up by my bootstraps. But, in late 2010 and early 2011, I reached a time when these tools and old ideas could no longer override the grief I felt in my spirit.

I’ve read that God meets us right where we are at. And, in that moment my emotional and mental exhaustion caused me to collapse in a way that surrender was my only option.  Even so…”letting go” seemed impossible…which made me feel even crazier!

But, I can’t let go! I don’t know how to surrender…” I kept saying. Mercifully, a thought came to me, that perhaps I could simply walk in the direction of surrender.

And, that’s what I did…

1. I’m a prayerful person, so that was my default. But, this time, I also listened for a reply = God.

2. All around me were moments that were longing to help me make it to the next precious moment: a kind word, a smile, a seemingly random text or phone call that gradually reminded me of the beautiful truth of who I am = Self.

3. I sought help from a few whom had similar experiences: a friend, a professional and a mentor = Others.

Listen. To. God. Self. Others. The golden ticket!

You already know this, you say?!

I would agree – yes — most of us understand the importance of these things. However, to actually have flourishing relationships with each, requires receiving… and that was not something I had a lot of experience with. Demanding, yes. Receiving, no.

Do you find yourself always giving, doing and figuring things out?

Do you feel lonely or forgotten in relationships, or perhaps often dissatisfied?

Do you think true – day in and day out — joy is for “other people?”

Is your happiness contingent upon things going your way?

My answer to all of these had been yes…and, it ultimately burned me to the ground.

It was a desolate believe in God and pray to God…yet, not receive. And, the same rang true for self and others.

It needn’t go that far for you…the solution is simple. And, my experience tells me that unassailable joy can be just around the corner for you!

Listen. To. God. Self. Others.

I look forward to hearing your experience with this.  Please comment below, share with a friend and mostly…begin.

As always, I’m in your corner…



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    • Writing is one of the best ways I’ve found to remember, and remember what life teaches me... I, too, have a pretty hard noggin! I’m so happy to hear my style resonates with you. Thanks for taking the time to it!

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