Is It Time To Come Out of Hiding?


As I mentioned in last week’s article “Suffering Is Optional” I run on the treadmill a few times a week.

The other day I was trotting along and noticed that the man behind the front desk reached up to the ceiling over the counter, took down a ventilation duct cover and cleaned off the build up of dust that had quietly accumulated there.

A subtle, but vital act that will deliver air cleaner and healthier to breath.

While I wasn’t motivated to go home and do the same, I thought about how much hidden dust I let lie because it cannot be seen.

There are the obvious places like under a sofa or behind a console. But, what about the build up of dust and debris in our relationships, finances or spiritual life?

Are you taking relationships for granted? Maybe you’re overspending or under earning and putting off looking at this truth until next month, or some day? Perhaps you’ve done the same prayer and meditation routine for years out of habit, but not really connecting in any meaningful way?

There’s no shame in any of this. It’s rather common, and frankly… human.

Remember. You are in process. And, just like a dusty rug, it’s easy enough to pick up any area of your life and shake it out.

What are the areas of neglect that are seemingly hidden, yet are silently negating the quality of life you want to live?

I can’t wait to hear where you are at and how YOU decide to shake it up!

I am wholeheartedly in your corner…

With love,

photo credit: Evil Erin via photopin cc


Is It Time To Come Out of Hiding? — 2 Comments

  1. I just love your little insights — look forward to them in my inbox! still wearing my fabulous shirts — still comfy and perfectly fitting after all this time! hope you are having a fabulous summer!

    • I’m so happy that we’re connected, Kristine! And delighted to hear that you’re still enjoying your tees. And thank you for your pro-American made support. It’s a tricky path in the apparel business, but, it feels good to contribute where I can:) The next item will be tote bags, and I’m also expanding the Top Dog artwork to include a variety of breeds... what type of pup do you have, I can’t remember? Happy Friday! xo Thais

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