Is It Possible For A Tee To Look Good And Feel Good?

Is this the look you’re sporting!?


How can it be that time after time t‑shirts generally don’t fit right? Of course we are all different shapes and sizes, but how is it possible that virtually every t‑shirt is tight under the arms? Or, too short in the waist? And, either fully displays our “girls” or is cut like a boy’s crew?

I’m happy to report that this week I completed my specification notes on my preliminary shirt samples and there won’t be any of these issues with my Lucky Duck Living tees.  I have also taken needed photos, scanned the updated spec sheet and sent the manufacturer my updates.

I’ve been percolating several weeks on these details that will truly make Lucky Duck Living tees the happy clothing line that I envision; the body length will be just right, the taper will be sensationally flattering, the organic cotton is super soft and of course the illustrations are sure to make you smile…

I’m about two months away from launch and I can hardly wait!

My aim is to make my tees your go-to piece of clothing. Whether heading to the gym, running errands, playing with the kids or dressing it up with a blazer…I want LDL shirts to be your absolute faves!

We’re not just making a great looking, great feeling t‑shirt that’s made in America; we are also committed that 10% of our proceeds will be donated to local US non-profits!

Look Good • Feel Good • Do Good

So, my question is; what fits the bill now? Do you have a favorite t‑shirt, article of clothing or accessory that you default to?  What is it that makes this item the best bet for you? Color? Fit? Comfort? Price? Brand Popularity? Design?  Do you find that you sometimes give up style for comfort? Or do you have a great tip for balancing comfort and style?

Please take a moment to comment below, so we can all share thoughts!

And, as always, I’m in your corner…



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