I’m Engaged! And, It’s Better Than Ever!

Go for the Gold!


It’s true...I’m engaged, but it may not be what you think ~

I am completely and hopelessly wrapped up in the Olympics. As I write...I hear it beckon!

Interesting, though. I’ve never really watched the Games like I have this year.

In the past, I’d catch gymnastic or swimming highlights and the occasional javelin throw. But, it was random, and I certainly made no conscious decision to connect with what was on everyday.

This year is different. I am completely engaged in every facet. Who woulda thunk that badminton could be so darn riveting? The Gold medal round was simply ah-mazing!

I started by planning an Olympic Open house, inviting friends to stop by on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings and watch the prime-time show. And, on my own, I have watched virtually every day and night.

It reminds me that a little interest, combined with commitment and consistency can snowball into passion.

And what fun it is!

Sometimes I forget that joy in life isn’t just about “feeling” it.

Joy and happiness in life can be as much – if not more — about what you do. It’s about being able to participate not only in your life, and what interests you, but in what interests others, as well.

When practiced day-in and day-out, your world will get bigger, your heart will soften and your life will blossom beyond yourself.

And, that my lovelies is pure GOLD!

Now pick up that phone or send that email and make a plan to connect in a way that you’ve meant to, but haven’t gotten around to. Do it NOW!

Then come back and comment about what happened…I’d love to hear what you discovered.

Until then, I’m in your corner…


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