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Are You Stuck On The “More” Train?

How many of us have driven down the road in a muddied, dog-haired laden car with an empty Starbuck’s cup rolling around on the back floor as we eyeball the sparkly new ride purring next to us at the stoplight?

Or, quietly wondered if the gorgeous Prada shades on a girlfriend would look good on us while we dig our scratched up Target sunglasses out of the bottom of our handbag.

Perhaps, we KNOW we will eat better when we have more money to buy organic, or eat out at better restaurants.

Chances are, you’re on the “More” train. In this moment; if you were given the car, the glasses, the extra cash for organic, you likely wouldn’t be happier than you are least, not for long.

Impossible! You say.

Yet, I’ve discovered that the spiritual principle of receiving requires we honor, grow and bring your best to right where you’re at if you want to flourish in what’s next.

Ever had a dreadful job, to leave it for another that feels better for a bit, but then becomes just as difficult.

Or perhaps an unhealthy relationship that you leave because you deserve better, and end up attracting the same dynamic?

If this is true for you, you’re not alone.

All of the above are examples taken from my life. That was until I began to take a closer look, and do some deeper work to clear out the emotional wreckage that kept me repeating my experiences.

Practically speaking, I’ve gotten new cars that I kept tidy for a while, but, with time they were dirty and in disarray like my old car. There have been designer shades that ended up in the bottom of my bag neglected. And jobs and relationships that all seemed the same except for the names…ugh!

I’m not against moving away from and letting go of things that don’t work, nor treating yourself to lovely new things. But consider... when you care for your car like you would a new car, keep cheap sunglasses in a case, or treat a long-time husband like a new love; life has a way of becoming more valuable. Not because it actually IS more valuable from one moment to the next, but because when we have an attitude of gratitude and begin to behave as if they carry value, life magically begins to sparkle again.

What “new” thing do you wish you could have?

Perhaps treating something old like something new is really where your joy is at!

Pick one thing and shift your thinking and actions towards it...and, please let me know what you discover.

You might find that what’s in front of you may actually be the thing you most can’t live without!

Have a beautiful week and remember I am most definitely in your corner…


photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

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