How To Create A Look That Works For YOU!

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Fashion is a funny thing and at times may seem fickle and unfriendly.

The media and celebrity culture we live in can easily influence you into trends that aren’t flattering for your lifestyle or body type.

Or perhaps you refuse this pressure, get annoyed or overwhelmed, causing you to abandon or ignore trends that may enhance your appearance, comfort or personal style?

Composition and Color are keys to lasting wardrobe happiness and finding a look that works for YOU.

Next week I will discuss Color...

Today I will focus on Composition. Or, in other words; how things are put together.

Whatever your experience, I encourage you to read on and challenge you to make one of these styling tips your own.

1. Balance the top and bottom fit of your clothing.

Wearing loose fitting bottoms; maxi skirt, lounge pants, etc… is a great way to be comfortable and stylish. But be sure to pair with a fitted top.

Wearing a baggy top with loose bottoms can easily go from comfy to frumpy!

Or perhaps you’re feeling like you want to cover up a bit more and wear a tunic or oversized blouse. This can actually be a very chic look if you are sure to skip the baggy bottoms and instead combine with leggings, yoga pants, fitted jeans or skinny skirt.

2. Pick the correct skirt length to flatter your body type.

As I see it there are three no-fail choices depending on your shape.

a. at mid-thigh
b. at the knee bend
c. at the floor

I see A LOT of skirts and dresses that stop right above the knee.

Hear this: The “just above the knee” look that is flattering on few! It throws off the proportion of your leg making you knees look thicker.

The other length I see a lot of is mid-calf. It, too, confuses the body’s proportions regardless of your height.

My advice?

Go all the way to the floor (the shorter you are the slimmer the skirt should be). OR... go up to your knee bend, gently covering your knee cap. This is a pretty length on most of us.

The guide is slightly different for shorts, jeans or capris. But, be sure to pay attention to how the different lengths affect your look overall.

And, remember — unless you have a perfect bod — the just above the knee length rarely works well.

Also, when picking a jean or trouser length, consider if they are going to be dressy or casual. Meaning… worn with high heels or flats?

Generally, having a continual vertical line from top to bottom is important to a stylish appearance. Pants that stop at the ankle or back of the heel are not ideal.

Jeans and all full length (non-skinny) bottoms should just barely graze the ground as you stand in bare feet. Once flat shoes are on, the shoe sole will give enough distance from the floor to prevent wear and tear.

3. The wrong shoe height can ruin an outfit.

As I mention above, if your pant (or skirt) just grazes the ground when you are in bare feet, the correct heel height is FLAT.

If you are going to wear high heels with a skirt, dress, flared or bootleg trouser, you will look best when the length of the clothing piece goes all the way to the floor.

I often see skirts and pants that have a shorter length suitable with flats, worn with high heels. The only time this works is with skinny jeans.

And a word about the continuing popularity of maxi-skirts. Their fit is meant to be grazing the floor in bare feet and worn with flats.

I hope you can draw from these three style principles.

The main thing is to not think you are doing it “wrong.” All of this is guidance for the path you are on.

I am forever trying things that don’t suit me, and remembering what does work!

We’re in this together...

Start with integrating only ONE of these suggestions. Preferably, whatever is easiest in working with the clothes you already have.

If you have specific questions puh-leze don’t hesitate to ask away in the comments below. I will be happy to share whatever specific input I can.

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I love you and all the fun we have!

And remember, I am most definitely in your corner…


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