How Going Back In Time Can Make You Happier Right Now


Some of my fondest memories are my time in Greece where I lived much of my early childhood.

All these years later I can see the influence it had on me; the art I enjoy, the outdoors I crave and even the afternoon Mediterranean nap schedule I fought off as I child that I now relish.

Like many children I was a finicky eater. But when it came to Greek desserts, I seemed to be all appetite!

My favorites were Socholatina, a creamy chocolate pastry from the bakery down the street and Baklava that my grandmother made, a delicious layered honey, nut and cinnamon creation of the Greeks.

Recently, I decided to experiment with my fab new ice cream maker.

Rather than my ordinary favorites, I became inspired by the culture of my childhood and made Visino (wild cherry) Sorbet, Greek Coffee Ice cream and – yes – Baklava Ice cream.

They were a massive taste success! But, the real joy came from adapting tradition recipes and enjoying their unique tastes in a new way. It made me SO happy.

I love that something as simple as homemade ice cream can bring about so much joy!

Maybe dessert or ice cream isn’t your thing. What is a simple and lovely memory from your childhood? A food? Music? Movie? Trip? Hobby? Accomplishment?

Here’s an idea. Pull the most precious recollection off of your shelf, dust it off, adapt it and integrate it into your weekend.

Spending some time with the best of your past can create a richer, fuller, happier present.

What is it for you? What’s the thing from being a kid that makes you grin ear to ear? Do that. And be sure to report back. After all, we’re in this together!

Have a beautiful day, my friend. And remember, I am most definitely in your corner...


photo credit: zotosi via photopin cc

p.s. Want the Baklava Ice Cream recipe? Click HERE.
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