How A Grown Up Has Relationships...” as taught by a dog


Personal relationships can be tricky, and, romantic relationships the most confounding of all.

The good news is that there are lessons all around that can teach us how to walk our paths.

Last week my mom had her new pup with a trainer. One of her pet’s bad habits is to rush the door to get into the backyard and chase lizards.

The problem is that he’ll run out whether there’s a yard or a street on the other side. Blindly rushing into danger.

In an effort to correct this, the trainer put him in a sit (one time) inside by the door and opened it. When the door opened he lunged for the opening and she closed the door (without saying a word). He lingered a moment than sat. She opened the door and he lunged for it. She closed it again, and again he sat.

This continued for several minutes until he actually sat there with an open door staring out at the wonders that awaited him. Good boy!

It registered a few days later that when I get uncomfortable in my dating life I sometimes fall into the same bad habits as the dog.

It’s not an issue for me when I’m not sure if I’m interested in a man. But, if I am and that door opens on possibility, my feelings can lunge quickly becoming fixated on what is or isn’t happening. What could or might not be. It’s a very unhappy place to be that zaps freedom and definitely leaves no room for joy.

Do you find this in your life? Perhaps in dating? Or, even in silent expectation of your spouse, friends or colleagues?

Consider this. Make a decision with me to take a cue from what the pup is learning... when a door opens you can sit and observe what’s on the other side. You can decide if it’s someplace you want to go. And if it is, you can walk through the threshold without abandoning yourself to everything that is there.

It’s also important to remember; just because you don’t rush out, doesn’t mean you’re not excited, hopeful or enjoying yourself. On the contrary, a grown up knows how to hold themselves, and in turn, let the goodness pour in without falling all over themselves – or another.

And if you run out the door to only end up chasing a lizard, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So what have we learned today…?

• Sit don’t lunge.
• Walk don’t rush.
• Feel don’t fantasize.

And whatever happens… don’t run into traffic or beg!

Have a beautiful day. And remember whatever is going on with you… I am most definitely in your corner.

p.s. It’s not official yet, but The Joy Blog Weekly™ will begin transitioning into The Dog Blog Weekly™ through the end of the year. We’ll still have all the great joy inspiration, plus lots of tips and tricks to keep our pets happy and healthy. More info soon!

p.p.s. I’ve also created this super fun and effective Play Exercise Train device especially for you and your pup. You can check it out HERE.

With love,

photo credit: janwillemsen via photopin cc


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    • Hi Nina! I’m so glad you got a chuckle.. and hopefully a visual that will stay with and support you in not chasing “lizards!” Have a beautiful day and thanks so much for connecting! We’re in this together:) xo Thais

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