Here’s A Fun And Easy Way To Get Outta Your Funk...!

Hey...I'm here to inspire you!

Hey there... I’m here to inspire you!

Every time I look at our logo, I smile.

The fact is that ducks make me happy.

Many of us grew up with cartoons featuring Daffy, Donald and Daisy Duck, so perhaps this has instilled in us a child-like response to them…

In my childhood I was lucky enough to even have two ducks: Perder-peep and Mary. Ducklings are the cutest! And, they grew up into (messy, but) wonderful pets.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture to share with you of my childhood pals, but they are fondly in my memory. What a joy…!

Today, curiosity for this spirited water fowl took hold of me. I did some investigating into their history and symbolism which deepened my appreciation for our feathered friends.

For instance when a duck is idly floating they cannot easily take flight, hence the term “sitting duck.”

Also, most male ducks do not quack. I didn’t know that, did you? Evidently, some things transcend species! It makes me smile to think about all us gals sitting around “quacking” while many of our male partners and friends are floating around watching us with fascination at our capacity to squawk.

Additionally, in both Chinese and Japanese cultures the duck is thought of as an indicator of the key to happiness and fidelity.

And, finally, I discovered that the duck is often thought of — both in dream interpretation and spiritual circles — as a symbol of freedom and resourcefulness.

So next time you see a duck paddling, waddling, flapping away overhead, or even a rubber ducky or one of our “Lucky Duck” t‑shirts, take a moment and notice if there’s something troubling you, weighing on you, or stressing you out.

Then, let the spirit of freedom and resourcefulness that they represent give you hope and break you out of your funk.

And what if it’s a “sitting duck,” you say?” Notice that too! If that’s where you feel you’re at, claim it and then let yourself be inspired to get a move on.

And remember… not only do I LOVE ducks... I am most definitely in your corner!


photo credit: loquenoves via photopin cc

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