The “R” Word That Changes EVERYTHING

Having style, living with style, good decisions

As you may know, my background in Interior Design sets the tone for many of our t‑shirt brand decisions.

One key principle of design I value, is “restraint.”

In fact, I was just reading an article about the seven habits of highly stylish people, and #4 was that stylish people always seem to be a bit less “done” than everyone else.

However, being less “done” takes practice.

We’ve all gone overboard with accessories or been too matchy-matchy with a handbag or pillows… But, I’m here to remind you that having “style” — in any area of your life — is different than following trends.

Style is individual and it requires noticing yourself; what you like, telling the truth about it, and, above all having patience.

Here are a few DON’Ts to practice that will surely pave the path to happiness, quality, passion, and yes, style in every area of your life.

1. DON’T… hang any painting, photo, or piece of art in your home just to fill an empty spot. (you can apply this to people too)

If you don’t love it, don’t hang it.

It may feel awkward having a vacant area remaining. But, I promise you… leaving the space empty, will invite in something special.

Besides, waiting will make you more aware of what you do and don’t like generally in life. And in turn these preferences will begin to take shape in every facet of who you are.

2. DON’T… buy anything that you don’t look and feel amazing in.

If it doesn’t fit well, make you happy, flatter you and just generally build a sense of well-being, you won’t wear it.

As you probably know first hand, trying to be “fashionable” can leave you with a wardrobe that doesn’t get worn. Learning your style and building on that will keep you looking and feeling fantastic.

For example, I love t‑shirts. I love them solo, layered, dressed up, or just lounging. So, over the years I ended up buying colors I’d never wear and designs that weren’t me, and most of all cute tees that didn’t fit right.

Fortunately, our tee designs solved all of that, but, it took me time to figure out that I love “everyday style” and created a tee that worked for me and others like me who want comfy without frumpy!

3. DON’T… be around people who make you feel crummy.

Just as with developing style in your environment and your wardrobe, sometimes quality relationships can take time. You may want to live with a void for a time, rather than allowing someone who doesn’t suit you into your space.

Feeling compelled to have every space filled, to be “in fashion,” or find “the one,” can really sap your energy and steal your joy. But, if you can find a way to embrace the process and let things be, what/who shows up will often be more magnificent that anything you planned.

It may not be who, what, where or when you thought. But, it WILL unfold.

There are few things in life more enjoyable than receiving something that is freely given. Consider, if you’re constantly busy giving or making sure you get, it makes it practically impossible to receive.

I hope you’ll give it a try. Step back and practice what it’s like to receive. A little restraint goes a long way... the only thing it costs is the (sometimes) uncomfortable feeling in between. Practice. Practice. Practice.

And remember, I am most definitely in your corner…

With love,

photo credit: EyeOTBeholder via photopin cc

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