Frumpy To Fabulous” Part 1 Of Your Super-Simple Summer Makeover

Do you have the right fit?


Years ago I was at a barbecue when a drunken girlfriend grabbed the back of my bra that had creeped up (the bra not the friend), tugged the back-strap down and said…”Wow, you’ve really got some hooters!”

It was funny in the moment, and the idea was that my ta-tas were sooo big that they weighed down my bra.

What I didn’t know for another decade was that my bra was riding up on me because it was the wrong size, not because of my endowment.

How can a grown woman not know her proper bra size?

As it turns out nearly 80% of us have it wrong!

My awakening came one day when I was at, the now defunct, May Company that had an amazing lingerie department. The sales gal offered to fit me for a bra, and I discovered I wasn’t a 36B after all, rather a 34C.

The difference was immediately astounding. I’d long heard the virtue of “lift and separate,” but now I had first hand victory. I felt and looked wonderful!

Part of it was the flattering effect it had, but more of it was that I was finally taking care of myself in a very basic way.

Consider this; common terms for bras are; intimates, foundation, undergarment. I think they’re describing the utmost and integral importance of our simple lady necessity.

Many of us easily make and keep commitments in a public way. But when it comes to the private promises we make to ourselves; improving our diet, being more active, more time for self, and yes, wearing a bra that fits!....they are often the first to go when life gets busy

I’m throwing down the gauntlet, ladies... Go get fitted for a bra this weekend!

If there is a Nordstrom close to you they have a great reputation for determining your right fit and style. There are also specialty bra shops popping up all over. A quick online search can get you connected in no time.

My favorite brand of bras and lingerie is LaPerla. But, there’s no need to drop a fortune. If you’re watching your cha-ching you have plenty of options...

Most specialty shops are always having a sale of one kind or another. Go in for a fitting, buy a sale bra, or two and see how they work for you. Take good care of them and they will last you quite a while.

Also, once you know your correct bra size, you may have luck with the Target brand Gillian & O’Malley. They do some nice designs, decent fabrics and are well priced.

If your makeover is anything like mine, it will not only lift your girls, it’ll lift your spirits! Now go take care of your sweet-selves and let me know how it goes.

Next week I’ll share part two of my three part Super-Simple Summer Makeover.

Until then, I’m in your corner…


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Frumpy To Fabulous” Part 1 Of Your Super-Simple Summer Makeover — 2 Comments

  1. There used to be a place in L.A. where I went. Mrs. Stevens. SHE knew bras!! She was the best in the business. She died several years ago and with her, the secrets to good bras. Thank you for reminding me to take care of myself...I will seek out an older woman in the lingerie dept at Nordstrom. They always seem to know best!

    • Sarah, It’s SO good to hear from you! It’s true — proper bra fitting is a lost art. I love hearing about Mrs. Stevens..she sounds like one of the special ones. BUT, Nordstrom really knows their stuff, and you will literally be in good hands:) Do, let me know how it goes...I’m so pleased you are going to do this for yourself! Loads of good wishes to you, Thais

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