Effortless Change And Why Addition Is The Key To Subtraction

The Formula For Super-Duper Change


This time of year many of us are focused on change.

I am always open to improving. However, years of resolutions, planning, scheduling, motivating, gaining and losing momentum and pulling myself up by my bootstraps has taught me that I never seem to have much luck forcing growth…nor, by just saying “no.” In fact my track record with this approach is laughable.

What then, is to become of growth, improving, self-care…and progress in general?

Something I began to notice last year is that I was eating too much sugar. I’m not personally against sugar. I have no desire to completely cut it out of my diet…but,  for me daily pumpkin bread, green tea lattes and some candy or dark chocolate in the evening was too much.

I made an effort to cut back, but I honestly wasn’t that motivated.

That was until I started watching the lovely Lisa Consiglio Ryan’s Five Sneaky Diet Traps To Avoid. She has a great style, is extraordinarily well educated and walks what she talks. Be sure to check her out.

Somewhere in the video mix I heard her suggest adding healthy items to our diet rather than focusing on taking away the “bad.”

In a flash I knew that was my solution.

The next day I bought a juicer and some green juice recipes and started adding fresh green juices into the mix. You can guess what happened….I’ve magically developed a cellular desire to eat less sweets. And, I dare say, my body now craves the glories of juiced greens!

It’s not a will-power thing…but, rather the desire for sugary treats has significantly diminished. And, what’s just as interesting, I generally have started to eat healthier overall...

It’s a gentle approach compared to the many boot camps I have joined. But, sometimes I think the stress of trying to “not” do something can create a dreadful backlash.  So, while it’s a novel approach for me to NOT restrict myself… it feels “right!” As I wrote in last week’s blog, “whatever works!” And… it’s working!

Along the same lines, I’m reminded of a relationship suggestion a friend of mine once made. She encouraged me to, at least three times a day, let a boyfriend of mine know I was happy. “I’m happy to see you.” “I’m happy you said that.” I’m happy you decided to wear that shirt.”  “I’m happy you picked this movie.”  …etc…. I’ve always remembered this simple, but profound advice.

What happened was amazing. Not only did I actually get happy. He did more of the things that helped create harmony in our relationship at the time.

It seems on many levels there is something to be said for adding rather taking away.  In my experience, adding the positive, causes the negative to fall away without all the “cold turkey” strife.

So what do you think? Are you wanting to start another year pedal to the metal? Or, is there perhaps a new pace awaiting you that is more likely to take you the distance?

What positive attitude or action could you take that would instantly improve your life? Consider putting the focus on that, and see what follows.

I can’t wait to hear what you discover!

And, as always I’m in your corner…


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Effortless Change And Why Addition Is The Key To Subtraction — 2 Comments

  1. I’m so honored! Thanks for this shout out! I just love your story about you and your boyfriend. I gotta do that with my hubby! I really feel that food can really change our cells, the way we act, think, connect. Amazing stuff! AND I can’t wait to see what your makin’ with that juicer of yours. Love it! Thanks for a great post!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your kind words...did you try the “three happies” with your hubby? How’d it go?
      The juicer experiment is in process...a few misses, but mostly hits! Hugs to you...

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