Do You Think Counting Lattes Will Pave The Path To Your Financial Freedom?

Is cutting back on Starbucks really money in the bank?


If you are anything like I am, life is a continual growth process, and no area has required more of me than becoming a grown up with my pocket book!

It seems our relationship with money connects to the core of who we were raised to be, whom we are becoming, and, our security along the way.

I will be the first to admit, I have been less than stellar at managing my finances. I’ve yo-yo’d between being a rigid saver and a frivolous spender. I’ve been overly generous when it was likely not wise, and I’ve been tight-fisted when I’ve had plenty.

I have had some super fantastic windfalls, as well as some dramatic losses. However, it was boredom, not these peaks and valleys that ultimately prompted my willingness to dig a little deeper…and, I’m not talking about cutting back on Starbucks.

I became bored with going round the same old money mountain time and time again. Living month to month doesn’t fit with the woman I’ve become. Yet, I’ve found myself there time and time again.

The end of last year I came across a different kind of coach. Mercifully, she didn’t have a hard-sell; write your budget, tighten your purse strings kinda style.  I’ve done plenty of that! Haven’t you?

Her specialty was financial imagery.

Guided imagery!? Oh, no!...not that woo-woo stuff! Not angels and goddesses and bright light!  Even though, that’s not her deal, that was my first take.

Ultimately, I found her simple method nothing short of magical. All it took to begin was a little willingness on my part, and almost immediately I felt a quiet confidence building.

It’s so interesting to me, that shifting on the inside has been at the root of every great change in my life, yet, I would be so resistant to it in to my financial life.

If “it’s not for me” is your reaction, you may need to go around the mountain a few more times ‘til you’re open to adifferent approach…

Of course, it’ll be perfect, either way. And, honestly, I’m in the early stages of this shift myself. Even so, I sense there is greatness afoot, and I can’t wait to report back on the miraculous growth ahead!

Mostly, I want to encourage you to seek financial solutions that work for you. If what you are doing isn’t working, or has stopped working, try mixing it up a bit.

Do you think counting lattes is the answer? Is this what you do?  Is it working?  Is it limiting?

Do you have an attitude that will allow your finances to flourish? Is it possible a shift in attitude and perspective could create a shift in your bank account?

Please let me know where you are at with your dough-ray-me!

I am so grateful that we are walking this path together, and as always, I am in your corner…

Love, Thais



Do You Think Counting Lattes Will Pave The Path To Your Financial Freedom? — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for your kind words Thais and of course I’m thrilled that you are enjoying the Meeting Your Inner Money Wisdom guided imagery. Getting financially smitten can be fun and illuminating journey! xo

    • Illuminating indeed! Thanks for all you do, Lora! I can’t wait to see what unfolds...and I will definitely be reporting back!

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