Careful Where You Sit Down


Last week I shared about the lessons our dogs can teach us. Specifically the value of restraint. You can check it out HERE.

This week I’m prompted by this funny – and true – post I came across. Short and sweet.

Just because someone gives you a cactus doesn’t mean you have to sit on it!”


How often do you let a look, a tone, or a comment color your conversation, mood or even entire day?

Everyone has their barbs that come out. This is a friendly reminder that just because they send them your way, doesn’t mean you need to roll around on them.

Keep it simple and...


As always, I am forever in your corner…

p.s. A reminder that The Joy Blog Weekly ™ will be transitioning into The Dog Blog Weekly ™ through the end of the year. We’ll have the same great inspiration, plus loads of tips and tricks for your favorite four-legged friends. And, if you want to check out our new Play Exercise Train ™ device you can do that HERE.

With love,

photo credit: cliff1066™ via photopin cc

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