Being An Ass Can Be A Good Thing...

Keen senses make this equine a survivor like you...

Keen senses make this equine a survivor like you...

One of my favorite memories from childhood is my dad dropping me off at the riding stables with a friend of mine, hopping on a couple of horses and disappearing for the day into the desert hills.

No trails, no guide, just pure fun, exploring and adventure.

I was no different than many girls my age who absolutely loved anything to do with horses... and honestly, it’s something I never grew out of!

It’s a combination of so many things; wild smells, thrills and mostly an unknown spirit that reminds me anything is possible.

This planted in me a lifetime fascination with all things equine... and most recently the Wild African Ass (a.k.a. Bad Ass). Their swiftness equals that of the gazelle. And, while other equines are strict flight animals when spooked, the Wild African Ass will pause to investigate whether it’s a valid threat, which indicates a certain degree of intelligence.

They, the wild asses found in Africa and burros (feral donkeys) in the the American southwest, are incredibly hardy animals enduring and even flourishing under much hardship.

It’s no wonder that theses dynamic souls had the phrase “Bad Ass” coined after them. Meaning; excellent, cool, excellent, skilled and “not to be messed with.” And even more so, it’s perfect that “Bad Ass” is my mom’s favorite tee! She IS a Bad Ass... in the very best sense.

FB.003_Bad Ass_300x300.72

So I’m genuinely curious... what tee design do you think fits your mom the best? Now ask her and see if how you see her and how she sees herself match. And then flip it... pick your fave, and ask her what she thinks would suit you?

You might be surprised what you discover about your perceptions as well as the personality you project. So, be brave. Asking this simple question opens the door to the same kind of childhood abandon that fun and adventure thrive in.

And please... be sure to comment below and let me know what you discover. Can’t wait!

Til then, I am most definitely in your corner...


photo credit: Daniel P Davis via photopin cc

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