Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?


Last week I was inspired by a warning label I recently read: “always be sure to stay in control and skate within your capabilities.”

If you’re anything like I am and you teeter on being a tad “controlling,” you’ll enjoy the freedom  that last week’s post gives. You can read it HERE.

This week I’ve been thinking about the latter half of the phrase “…skate within your capabilities.” This makes sense, especially when it comes to safety gear. However, how do you become better if you never push your boundaries?

Then it struck me. I understood “skate within” meant that somehow you are “limiting” yourself. But, it doesn’t say skate within your “limitations.” It says skate within your “capabilities,” which is ENTIRELY different.

It’s the difference between saying you can skate only up and down your block (limitations) or you can skate on concrete all over the world (capabilities).

How many of us, I wonder, live life under similar self imposed restrictions? Perhaps not in every area, but, enough that you are not evolving into whom you are meant to be and to the point that you find your joy is diminished.

Here are common ways that you can shift from limitations to capabilities…

• I can eat only foods that are low-cal, low-fat, etc… (limitations) or I can eat foods that are nutritious and delicious (capabilities)

• I can only buy clothes that are on sale (limitations) or I can buy items that I love and enhance my life (capabilities)

• I can be kind when things are going my way (limitations) or I can be kind independent of circumstance (capabilities)

The common thread in all of these is a deep sense of personal responsibility as well as an understanding of yourself. This can take time and practice.

For example, if you can’t default to a food label that tells you something is low-cal, but instead, you must investigate and discover what is nutritious and delicious (to you) it not only expands your knowledge and experience it truly SATISFIES your body system.

The same goes for buying something because it is cheap versus waiting until you find something special that truly inspires and uplifts. You will be deeply satisfied. And even if the cost is twice as much, you’ll actually wear and enjoy it, as opposed to a dozen items hanging with the sale tags at the back of your closet.

And, finally, it’s easy to be kind when things are going your way. But, to make a decision that your approach to life will not be ruled by circumstance takes a much deeper commitment. This brings a soul satisfaction that simply has no limitations.

When you step beyond your limits and aim instead for your massive capability, everything expands and life serves up an adventure of possibilities.

How have you been limiting yourself? In what way could you expand into your capability?

Please let me know what comes to mind. I want to hear!

I am most definitely in your corner…

With love,


Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Thais. Your blog is loaded with some good stuff. Actually, I have become a regular reader.
    I always look forward to a new blog post. 🙂

    • Hi Danielle! I am so happy it resonates with you. It was wonderful chatting with you the other day and I hope this month has gotten off to a great start for you:) I love receiving your feedback and comments, so... keep em coming and do please share with anyone you think might benefit! xoxo Thais

  2. wow! Thais — what a thought provoking blog on are you your own worst enemy — on one had it is so simple and obvious, why did it need to be said — but in reality is SO simple and so obvious that we overlook it every day — thank you for the much needed reminder:)

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