Are You A Productive Procrastinator?

My plan today was to blog about the ever-elusive practice of meditation. Instead I am sitting on the sofa, watching a Modern Family re-run and wondering how I will ever train my puppy not to beg when I regularly spoil him with table scraps! Effectively, I am procrastinating rather nicely.

Really, what’s on my mind is turning a personal shortcoming of mine into yet another goldmine!

A while back when I selected a hosting service for my website, I referred a number of friends in need. Yesterday one of those friends called and picked my brain a little further. Happy to do it! But, then she mentioned she had spent the day researching host companies for her self! What for?…I thought. I already did that for you! Use your time betta, Sista!

Well, I didn’t say that. But, worse, I hinted (not so subtly) that perhaps she needed more accountability in building her business. Definitely, not a vision of a supportive friend!  I’ve since apologized, but, why did it bother me so? Why did I get such a charge out of her choice to do her own research? Do I perhaps need to use my time “betta?”

The moral? What bothers me in others is what I need to take a look at in myself. Now, let me be very clear; she obviously did nothing “wrong” by taking the day to check things out for herself. My point is, my over reaction to her choice and the indicator it had into my own attitudes and behavior.

Procrastination is what I’m talking about! Not the “couching it” kind I opened up this post with, but, a much more clever version. Meaning, I can appear, and even actually be quite productive right in the middle of major resistance. The problem is, that on some level I’m aware of it, and it saps my energy, builds fear and doubt…and then the whole thing snowballs from there, and wham‑o, I’m paralyzed! Can you relate?

The beauty of it is, once I break this cycle it works in reverse. I feel relieved, energized and powerfully motivated!

Sooo, great….what’s the solution? Especially for go-getters like myself that can rationalize just about anything having to do with being busy or productive. How do I stop tricking myself into…I’ll do that later.

Ready? Drum-roll puhleeze!

Do the thing you least want to do…first! That’s it.

Where do I start you might say? The truth is, most of us know EXACTLY what it is that keeps falling to the end of our “list.”  I often find it’s a phone call. But, it could be fixing something, giving up something, trying something new….what is it for you?

Go ahead. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and tell me what pops up? Let me encourage you. Or, just go for it, and tell me about it after! Get it done, TODAY, my friends…

I’m in your corner!



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