An Easter Tradition That Cracks Me Up!

Could red eggs be your key to happiness?

Even with many of us still knee high in snow, there is no denying that spring is upon us.

As I prepare this week for our Easter celebration, I am reminded of the beauty not just of the central meaning of this holiday, but the lovely traditions that go with it.

Being, Greek Orthodox, the symbolism of red eggs is central to our feast table. The egg symbolizes the resurrection, and the red color duplicates the blood of Christ.

As a child there was something magical about a large white bowl piled high with red hard-boiled eggs. Stunning, yes. But, also the excitement of the much anticipated egg cracking was floating in the air.

The way it works is; everyone gets an egg. One person holds theirs tip up in their fist. Another person taps (or in some cases smashes) their tip down on the other as they say “Christos Anesti “(Christ has risen) and the person who had their egg “tapped” replies “Alithos Anesti” (Truly He has risen). Then we continue on, cracking each other’s egg ends, until one person is left standing with an unbroken egg… the “winner!” Opa!

I’m not really sure what the winner, wins… it seems with us Greeks we just like to know we’re the “best” for that moment!

But, the truly lovely part is that no matter how few or many people the table is set for any particular year, this lovely tradition connects me to Easters past; times spent in Greece with my Yayá, dinners with family here in Arizona, giggle-fests with my darling stepson (who is with his Mom this year) and long ago egg wars with my dear godson who lives in California.

One definition for tradition is: cultural continuity in social attitudes, customs, and institutions.

I like that! Cultural continuity. There is something deep that I attach to being Greek. It is a heritage and inner pride of knowing where I come from. What a blessing to reconnect with this through foods, language and, especially, precious tradition.

Is there a family tradition that you enjoy this time of year? Or perhaps there’s a tradition that you’d like to dust off and revive? Maybe something your grandmother or mother used to do will be your new found key to happiness?

Could it be that honoring this bit of history about you and your family will bring about a fresh connection?

I’d really love to hear from you on this. Please comment below, and remember….

I am most definitely in your corner!


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