A Simple 3‑Step Exorcism of the Dimpled Demon!

Dimples are fine on an orange, but are you tired of them on your bum?


Last week I shared some tips about revamping your style, and integrating simple and stylish ideas into your wardrobe like using a vase to display earrings that you love, but forget to wear.

How did it go? Have you set a time to do this Spring cleaning? I’d love to hear!

Speaking of Spring; I sense that my boots and jeans will soon be replaced by flip flops and dresses…which means MORE SKIN showin’!

Yet, between last Summer and this Spring, I‘ve gained nearly 10 pounds! Fortunately, I’m still healthy, but my clothes definitely don’t fit like they did, and I don’t imagine I would be comfortable sitting poolside in anything other than a caftan!

It’s no wonder...the way I downed Starbuck’s pumpkin loaf and lattes last fall!

Truthfully, it’s not the bit of extra weight that bothers me. I love my bod! It’s the “C” word….you guessed it, “cellulite that is annoying!”  At this point in my life I thought I was immune. I was WRONG!

There is, however, one thing that makes it even worse…I’m PALE! I’m not just pale, I get so faded that I’m practically translucent!

There’s nothing wrong with pale skin, it’s just that I prefer a little color.

So what’s my solution? 1–2‑3

1. First I went by Starbuck’s. This time, however, all I walked away with was a bag of used coffee grounds from the espresso bin. Shweet! Of course, you can use the grounds from your coffee maker, too...just make sure it’s caffeinated coffee.

Then, I went home and mixed one cup of the coffee grounds (helps redistribute fat cells and decrease formation of cellulite) with ¼ cup honey (very healing and great for retaining moisture) and ¼ cup olive oil (excellent moisturizer) in a 2 cup Tupperware container. A plastic container is key, since I recommend keeping this scrub handy in the shower…and. you don’t want to risk breaking a glass container when in bare feet.

As you’ve probably heard, consuming caffeine can contribute to cellulite, but, applying it topically can help reduce its appearance.  And, guess what? It works!

So here’s the deal. Make the scrub and use it!

When I shower, I massage each thigh about a minute each, clean other areas and then come back and massage the scrub in for another minute on each upper leg...and yes, bum area!

It’s important that you rinse off very well…that means all cracks and crevices! Then be sure to completely rinse down your shower.  It WILL stain over time, if not cleaned off.

Once towel dried you’ll notice that your legs are oh, so soft! Do this everyday for a couple weeks, and you should see definite improvement. When drying off, residual grounds may remain...so, be sure to change your towel frequently.

2. If you like to have some color as I do, after drying off put a large quarter size of dollop of tanning lotion in your palm and apply to your lower legs...then more tanning lotion and your thigh area. Make sure to apply evenly, buffing out the areas around your ankles and knees. I make it a point not to rub it in too much. It’s not necessary with the brand I use, at least. Whichever brand you use...WASH your hands after application!

I use and love L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Self Tanning Lotion in Medium Natural Tan.  It works great, especially when applied to skin that is moisturized. Self tanner also helps camouflage some of our problem areas until we can resolve them. Again, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you’re done applying.

3. Watch what you drink and eat

Lots of water daily which aids in giving a more supple appearance to your skin. If you avoid drinking water, because you pee a lot, stick with it. I’ve found that once my body gets retrained to actually absorb the water I intake, my need to use the restroom lessens. Perhaps you’ll find this true for you, too?

And, of course, sugary, salty, saturated fatty, junk or alcohol rich diets all contribute to what your skin looks like. So, easy does it!

Questions? Please let me know. If you found this helpful or encouraging, please comment below and let me know what works, or doesn’t work for you.

Above all...we’re in this together...et’s love our bods no matter where we’re at!

As always, I’m in your corner…

Love, Thais














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